Recent Developments of COCOSDA

A Progress Report






Lin-shan Lee

National Taiwan University




Budapest MeetingSept 1999 Eurospeech

l   OrganizingTopic Domainsand Regional Programsas the Two Dimensions of Functionalities of COCOSDA

topic domainsreflect the global issues including the dynamic technology environments

region 1

regional programsaddress the regional differences and activities








eachtopic domainorregional programorganized by a rapporteur, with responsibilities including organizing presentations or sessions in COCOSDA Workshops

some possible titles for topic domainssuggested

l     Central Coordinating CommitteeCCCto be Re-organized

some possible names for convenor , deputy convenor for 2000-2001 suggested

l     Further Discussions to be Conducted via E-mails

March May 2000

l   Officers Decided via E-mails

convenor Lin-shan Lee , National Taiwan University , Taiwan

deputy convenorKhalid Choukri , ELRA , France

l   New Topic Domains Decided via E-mail Discussions

Evaluation of Speech Understanding / Dialogue Systems

            rapporteurWolfgang Minker , Daimlerchrysler , Germany

Multi-modal Corpora

            rapporteurSatoshi Nakamura , ATR , Japan

l   Regional Programs Initiated


            rapporteurKhalid Choukri , ELRA , France


            rapporteurShuichi Itahashi , University of Tsukuba , Japan


            rapporteurBruce Millar , Australian National University , Australia

l   Organizing Sessions in ICSLP 2000 on Language Resources and Technology Evaluation

including a special session plus a regular session

Athens MeetingsMay / June 2000 LREC

l   Corpus Annotation Toolscould be a New Topic Domain

possible rapporteur suggested

l   Local Languagescould be a New Topic Domain

replacing the previously used term ofminority languages

local languages vs global languages

many local languages spoken in different regions , but many issues common across different regionse.g. experiences in collecting corpora , technologies for developing applications , and social , cultural , economic considerationscould be addressed by this topic domain

possible rapporteur suggested

l   A New Regional Program for Africa could be Established

significant activities in collecting corpora and developing applications

possible rapporteur suggested

l   A New Regional Program for Latin America could be Established

significant activities in collecting corpora and developing applications

possible rapporteur suggested

l   Approaches Discussed for Making Efficient Use of the Web for COCOSDA Activities to be Accessed by the Research Community

June Sept 2000

l   New Topic Domains Developed via E-mail Discussions

Corpus Annotation Tools

           rapporteurSteven Bird , LDC , USA

Local Languages

           rapporteurDafydd Gibbon , University of Bielefeld , Germany

l   New Regional Programs Established via E-mail Discussions


           rapporteurJustus Roux , University of Stellenbosch , South Africa

Latin America

           rapporteurElsa Mora , University of Los Andes , Venezuela

l   Finalizing Session OrganizationSpecial / Regular Sessionsin ICSLP 2000

l   Developing Questionnaires for Topic Domains / Regions to Collect Information from the Research Community Worldwide

l   Efforts Made Trying to Improve the COCOSDA Website so as to Better Serve the Global Research Community

l   Organizing COCOSDA Workshop and Relevant Activities in ICSLP 2000

l   Re-organization of the Central Coordinating CommitteeCCC

Central Coordinating CommitteeCCCas of Oct 2000

(T)Working Group

l   Officers                                   Data Center Representatives

convenorLin-shan Lee , Taiwan                  LDCSteven Bird , USA

deputy convenorKhalid Choukri , France            ELRAKhalid Choukri , France

secretaryNick Campbell , Japan

l   Topic Domain Rapporteurs

Evaluation of Speech Understanding /Dialogue

SystemsWolfgang Minker , Germany

Multi-modal CorporaSatoshi Nakamura , Japan

(U)Advisory Committee

Adrian Fourcin , UK

Hiroya Fujisaki , Japan

Akira Kurematsu , Japan

Mark Liberman , USA

Joseph Mariani , France

Louis Pols , Netherlands

Corpus Annotation ToolsSteven Bird , USA

Local LanguagesDafydd Gibbon , Germany

l   Regional Program Rapporteurs

EuropeKhalid Choukri , France

AsiaShuichi Itahashi , Japan

OceaniaBruce Millar , Australia

AfricaJustus Roux , South Africa

Latin AmericaElsa Mora , Venezuela