COCOSDA Workshop 2000

Oct 21, Sat, Beijing, China

Call for Participation/Presentations

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    COCOSDA is an international organization for coordinating the globalized efforts in language resources and speech technology evaluation. The annual workshops of COCOSDA have been held as satellite events of ICSLP on even years and Eurospeech on odd years. This year the workshop will be on Oct 21, Sat, right after ICSLP 2000 at Beijing. COCOSDA is organized with a structure which reflects the two dimensions of its functionalities: "Topic Domains" and "Regional Programs". The former considers the dynamic technology environments, while the latter addresses the regional differences and activities. Four topic domains have been established: Evaluation of Speech Understanding/Dialogue Systems, Multi-Modal Corpora, Corpus Annotation Tools and Local Languages. Six regional programs are currently present: North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and Africa.


    The COCOSDA Workshop 2000 will be organized to address all issues relevant to COCOSDA. You are invited to participate and submit proposals for presentations at the workshop. The preliminary program draft of the workshop is given below. It includes pre-organized reports for all the topic domains and regional programs mentioned above and other relevant reports/discussions, but also reserves time for presentations from the open-call submissions. This initial program draft will be re-organized after the submissions are received and reviewed. For example, if there are more good presentations submitted from the open-call, the pre-organized reports may be condensed. A "Workshop Notes" will be published including written materials for the reports/presentations. The proposals for presentation including a title, a summary of 200-500 words, names of speaker/authors, affiliation and contact, should be sent electronically to:


    Lin-shan Lee, Taiwan University,

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Convenor, COCOSDA


on or before Aug 31 2000, indicated as a "COCOSDA submission". The proposals will be reviewed and the final Workshop program distributed by Sept 15.


COCOSDA Workshop 2000

Oct 21, Sat, Beijing, China

Preliminary Program Draft (Subject to Modifications)




Advisors of COCOSDA


Recent Development of COCOSDA
---- A Progress Report

Lin-shan Lee


Topic Domain Reports


1. Overview on Recent Activities in Speech Understanding and Dialogue Systems Evaluation (20 min)

Wolfgang Minker

2. Overview on Recent Activities in Multi-Modal Corpora (20 min)

Satoshi Nakamura


Regional Reports


1. Overview of Current Activities in Latin America (20 min)

Elsa Mora

2. Language Resources and Technology Developments in Africa (20 min)

Justus Roux


Coffee Break



Presentations from Open-call Submissions






Topic Domain Reports


3. Overview on Recent Activities in Corpus Annotation Tools (20 min)

Steven Bird

4. Overview on Recent Activities in Local Languages (20 min)

Dafydd Gibbon


Regional Reports


3. Survey of Current Activities in Oceania (20 min)

Bruce Millar

4. Overview of Recent Activities in Europe (20 min)

Joseph Mariani

5. Overview of Recent Activities in Asia (20 min)

Shuichi Itahashi





Report of ELSNET/ACL Workshop on Infrastructures for Global Collaboration

Julia Hirschberg


General Discussions Ways Ahead